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People in Chemistry
Scott A. Snyder (Kevin Zong, April 2024)
Madeleine Joullié (Meghan Baker, October 2019)
Robert Burns Woodward (Hannah Burdge, September 2017)
Robert Williams (Robert DemoretJanuary 2017)
Andrew G. Myers (Meghan Baker, July 2017)
Eric N. Jacobsen (Haihua Lu, September 2014)
Pierre Deslongchamps (Steven Crossley, February 2014)
Jonas C. Peters (Steven Crossley, August 2016)
Molecules in Chemistry
Total Synthesis of Nimbolide (Larisa P. Pop, January 2024)
Chemoenzymatic synthesis of 13-oxoverruculogen via FtmOx1 (Kevin Zong, September 2023)
A Crash Course on Steroids (Robert Demoret, April 2018)
Ophiobolins (Sophie Shevick, March 2018)
Bryostatins (Benjamin Huffman, April 2017)
Molecular Fragrance Celebrities (Ruben Martinez, January 2017)
Synthesis of Picrotoxanes (Michael Martinez, May 2016)
Trimeric Natural Products (Ruben Martinez, April 2016)
Halogenated Secondary Metabolites (Samantha Green, February 2016)
Ladder polyether - what's next? (Yusuke Sasano, May 2015)

Therapeutic Hallucinogens (Jeremy Roach, July 2014)

Jerveratrum Alkaloids: Total & Semi-Synthesis (Jeremy Roach, August 2013)

Cyclic Amine Pharmaceuticals (Greg Tabor, May 2012)

Iminium Ion Pharmacophores (Sergei Pronin, March 2012)

NFκB and Natural Product (Guojun Pan, April 2012)
Polyprenylated Phloroglucinols (Greg Tabor, September 2011)
Galbulimima alkaloids (Daniel Jansen, August 2011)
Synthesis of Short, Medium, Long-Chain Polyisoprenols (Greg Tabor, August 2010)
Clerodane Diterpenes (Kanny Wan)

Topics in Chemistry
Development of Nickel Precatalysts in Modern Cross Coupling Chemistry (Samuel Tandang Kasmali, May 2024)
Bredt's Rule and Strategies Towards Anti-Bredt Natural Products (Drason Zhang, April 2024)
Highly Enantioselective 6π Photoelectrocyclization (Julien Lee Heberling, February 2024)
Strain-Promoted Reactions of 1,2,3-Cyclohexatriene and its Derivatives (Samuel Tandang Kasmali, November 2023)
Chemistry and Pharmacology of Xenon (Dylan Snelson, July 2023)
Mechanistic Tools to Study Open Shell Intermediates (Tucker Huffman, March 2020)
Radical Approaches to Asymmetric Catalysis (Sophie Shevick, April 2019)
Terminal Coordination of Diatomic Boron Monofluoride to Iron (Vincent van der Puyl, 2019)
Polymers in Sustainability (Meghan Baker, July 2018)
Dynamic Effects in Reaction Mechanisms (Tucker Huffman, February 2018)
Computer-Aided Retrosynthesis -updated (Tucker Huffman, October 2017)
Synthesis of 5-Membered Carbocycles (Steven Crossley, June 2017)
Glycosidation Chemistry (Sophie Shevick, May 2017)
Solid Phase Combinatorial Chemistry: Methods and Application to Natural Products (Benjamin Huffman, July 2016)
Nickel - A Brief History and Modern Application (Robert Demoret, January 2016)
Transition metal mediated photoredox catalysis (Steven Crossley, September 2015)
Di-Boron Reagents and Reactions (Jeishla Melendez-Matos, November 2014)
Silver (not proton) catalysis (Daniel Jansen, July 2012)
The most important organic chemistry of the 1980s (Daniel Jansen, December 2011)
Catalytic Asymmetric Pericyclic Reactions (Kanny Wan, November 2011)
Chemiluminescence (Sergey Pronin, October, 2011)
From the ocean... to the clinic (Daniel Jansen, March 2011)
Supramolecular Catalysis (Sergey Pronin, March 2011)
Classics in Solid-Phase Synthesis (Greg Tabor, January 2011)
Modern Macrolide Synthesis (Greg Tabor, October 2010)
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